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Sunday Worship Service via Zoom and In Person

Sundays,  10:00 am


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Our prayer beads grew out of a Women’s Retreat a few years back. The retreat participants created their own set of prayer beads. A few weeks later, a session was held where others could make prayer beads. Many of us were unaware of the Protestant use of prayer beads – it is a long-held practice! Using beads can help focus prayers. Now Kathy Whitwer keeps us supplied with prayer beads as part of her ministry to the church and community! Thanks to Kathy, the basket of prayer beads has been re-stocked. Please consider giving prayer beads as gifts – graduation, Father’s Day, birthday, Wedding… any occasion, really! We have many colors and bead styles available – check them out in the basket in the office!

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Questions that help define Who We Are at Gloria Dei

1.  Three words that you would use to describe Gloria Dei:

2. An important or enduring characteristic about Gloria Dei is:

3. An important event in the life of Gloria Dei is:

4. A time when we were most tested was:

5. The thing I most appreciate about Gloria Dei is:


6. The things I most appreciate about being a Lutheran is:


7. Something that has never made sense to me about Gloria Dei is:


8. One thing I have always wondered about us is:

9. Three things we must continue to do:


10: Three things we could stop doing are:

Name: (optional) ______________________________________


Please return the completed form to the church. Additional copies may be made so each member of the household has a chance to respond.

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