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Children's Sunday School in Person Only 

Sundays, 9:00 AM


Sunday Worship Service via Zoom and In Person

Sundays,  10:00 am



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Questions that help define Who We Are at Gloria Dei

1.  Three words that you would use to describe Gloria Dei:

2. An important or enduring characteristic about Gloria Dei is:

3. An important event in the life of Gloria Dei is:

4. A time when we were most tested was:

5. The thing I most appreciate about Gloria Dei is:


6. The things I most appreciate about being a Lutheran is:


7. Something that has never made sense to me about Gloria Dei is:


8. One thing I have always wondered about us is:

9. Three things we must continue to do:


10: Three things we could stop doing are:

Name: (optional) ______________________________________


Please return the completed form to the church. Additional copies may be made so each member of the household has a chance to respond.