"The task now is not 

to find a new normal.'”

A poem by Victoria Safford


Nothing is normal when this many people are dying, have died, leaving how many mourners, and how many more?


Nothing is normal in this sickness and this sadness, nor can be normal, nor ever should.

Nothing is normal - even though it's the norm-when death comes first for the poor.


There is nothing normal in the miracle of budding trees and greening land - every year we're taken by surprise, a little shocked, and laughing.


Nothing normal in the gift of breath, the gift of bread, or kindness - we are saved, and saved again, every hour of the day.


The task is not to normalize,

but consecrate.


Place your sorrow on the altar of the day,

Place wonder, joy, compassion, thanks,

all the holy scraps of hope you're hoarding, but could share.


Place your tension there, and all the terrors of the night, and new resolve to help to mend your corner of a tattered world.


Normalize nothing.

But consecrate. "

Great News!


The Reopening Task force met this past week and recommended, (per almost certain Council approval), that beginning July 4, Gloria Dei would reopen to in-person worship with singing! • We recommend a single in-person service at 10:00 am.


Beginning July 4, the first Sunday in July, giving time for the choir to reform and complete other necessary planning.


• A maximum occupancy of 75 attendees including choir and worship leaders will be allowed; and to continue to encourage people to RSVP by contacting the office.


• Zoom live streaming would continue.


• Per CDC and other guidelines, folks that are willing to present their vaccination documentation will not need to wear masks. Remember, our insurance company says they will defend us for related issues if we follow official guidelines.


• Once documentation is presented, a list will be compiled to be referenced for future services and documentation will not need to be presented. Folks may bring their documentation in at any time to be added to the list.


• Folks that are unwilling to presentation their documentation or are not vaccinated will need to continue to wear masks during the service and will seat in an area near the rear of the sanctuary to maintain physical distancing.


• The choir will be seated at the front away from the congregation. In order for members to participate they will need to be vaccinated.


• Singing will be allowed for vaccinated members present. vaccinated.


• Sunday school and nursery will be discussed at a future meeting later in the summer.