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Reopening News

We are open for worship - Sundays at 10 AM!  At this time, mask usage while in the building varies depending on the Covid status in Coos County (see below). Social distancing between people who are not related to each other/living in the same space is encouraged. We are offering Coffee Hour/Fellowship time after the service inside if masks are optional and outside if masks are required. 

The service is also still being shared via Zoom and Facebook for those who wish to join us for worship online.

Sunday School for young people and Confirmation have resumed for the 2022-2023 school year - in person only at this time (9/2022). 

"The task now is not 

to find a new normal.'”

A poem by Victoria Safford


Nothing is normal when this many people are dying, have died, leaving how many mourners, and how many more?


Nothing is normal in this sickness and this sadness, nor can be normal, nor ever should.

Nothing is normal - even though it's the norm-when death comes first for the poor.


There is nothing normal in the miracle of budding trees and greening land - every year we're taken by surprise, a little shocked, and laughing.


Nothing normal in the gift of breath, the gift of bread, or kindness - we are saved, and saved again, every hour of the day.


The task is not to normalize,

but consecrate.


Place your sorrow on the altar of the day,

Place wonder, joy, compassion, thanks,

all the holy scraps of hope you're hoarding, but could share.


Place your tension there, and all the terrors of the night, and new resolve to help to mend your corner of a tattered world.


Normalize nothing.

But consecrate. "


The Church Council has decided to update the mask regulation weekly, based on the Friday update from CovidActNow, which uses CDC guidelines and data to provide up-to-date information about the status of Covid by county. The results will

usually be emailed with the ZOOM link and bulletin on Fridays. The signs on the doors will show whether masks are required or optional. RED means masks are

required. GREEN means masks are optional.


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