Church Council

The Gloria Dei Church Council has general oversight of the life and activities of this congregation, and in particular its worship life, to the end that everything be done in accordance with the Word of God and the faith and practice of the ELCA.

The Church Council meets regularly on the 4th Thursday of each month at 6:00 PM via Zoom. 

Current Council Member List

Pastor Peggy Yingst   

Richard Whitwer        

Lynn Danner

Ken Denton     

Ian Stevenson            

Calum Stevenson

Jenny Forbes

Paul Halvor

Kathie Hodgin

Kallie Mill

Annette Reher

Keith Selanoff

Linda Mitchell

Kathy Jacobson

Angela McAlister

Susan Paterson



Vice President


Youth Rep.

Gloria Dei Lutheran Church Council Meeting

Thursday, March 25, 2021


The meeting  (via “Zoom”) was called to order at 6:06 p.m. by President Richard Whitwer after establishing a quorum (10).  


Present were Council members Paul Halvor, Angela McAlister, Kathy Jacobson, Kathie Hodgins, Linda Mitchell, Ken Denton, Richard Whitwer, Lynn Danner, Susan Paterson, and Pastor Peggy.  Ian Stevenson joined part way through.  Also present was Treasurer Jim Gilbert.


Absent were Annette Reher, Calum Stevenson, Keith Selanoff, and Kallie Mill.


Devotions were offered by Kathie Hodgins.



  • The regular giving for February was $18,383, compared to $19,951 for average of 2015-2019. 

  • The regular giving to date was $33,677, compared to $42,275 for average of 2015-2019. 

  • The net Ordinary Income for February was $668, exclusive of the PPA and the stock sale. 

  • The net Ordinary Income to date was -$1816, with the same restriction. 

  • The net Total Income for February was $45,270, with the same restriction, due to receipt of funds of $41,500 from the endowment fund. 

  • The net Total Income to date was $45,518, including receipt from endowment fund.

  • We expect an additional unrestricted donation of $13,500 [arrived in March]. 

  • Both the PPA and the unrestricted gift (from a stock sale) of $32,089 have been received, a big kudos 
to Paul Halvor for coordinating the latter. 

February expenses all in line with expectations, and giving in February was pretty good.


Council said they liked the new format, showing performance without the PPE borrowing and special gifts.


Jim also reported that because of gifts and giving so far, the Finance committee recommends that we raise the contributions to Synod to last year’s level, consistent with the agreement made at the Annual Meeting when the budget was passed.  Kathie Hodgins so moved, Lynn seconded.  After checking the Annual Meeting notes, the motion passed unanimously.  Once this was passed, Pastor Peggy shared that the Bishop was very excited to hear this might be coming.


Jim also asked that authorized check signers on the Morgan-Stanley account be Richard T. Whitwer, Paul N. Halvor, Peggy Jane Yingst, and James L. Gilbert.  Angela McAlister so moved, Kathie Hodgins seconded.  This passed unanimously.




Richard asked us to begin regular monthly discussions about re-opening, and to keep the congregation informed about how those discussions are going.  Items discussed and generally agreed upon include:


1. Regardless of how we re-open, we will still offer Zoom worship for people who feel more comfortable worshiping this way. Doing so has provided a number of benefits...one of which is that we reach people who aren’t able to physically be with us because of distance or mobility.

2. We can’t re-open until Coos County is out of the “high” risk category. Currently, we will be in “extreme” for at least two more weeks. We won’t open until the county is in the “moderate - low” risk category.

3. For now, we would continue to wear masks and distance ourselves from each other.

Some issues around opening we would continue to discuss:

1. While we would encourage everyone to be vaccinated, we don’t believe we will require a proof-of-vaccination card to attend worship services.

2. Will we offer communion? Possibly.

3. Will we be able to sing together? Probably not, for now. We have discussed having Doris Smith and Kallie Mill continue to sing, but probably from a place closer to the altar and farther from the pews.

4. Children in our Nursery? Probably not for a while.

5. Sunday School? Most likely yes.

The Council wants members to know they’ve made a commitment to talk about the guidelines we need to put into place to safely re-open at our meetings each month going forward. The council is as eager to return to regular services as anyone.

A question was raised about our insurance coverage if an employee or congregant gets COVID.  Peggy has our agent’s card and agreed to check with them. 

Call List:  Richard reminded us the congregation is split up between all Council members for check-in calling – 10 or 11 people each, and that new Council members need to be assigned names.  Marilyn and Angela are updating the list and will make these assignments.




Audit Committee:  Marjorie Crook resigned just before the Annual Meeting, with one more year remaining on her term.  Council has authority to fill this position until the next annual meeting.  Kathy Whitwer was nominated by Kathie Hodgins, Lynn seconded; passed unanimously. 


It was noted there are four audits to do this year, Endowment and General Fund for both 2020 and 2021.




Planting by the Labyrinth:  Susan Paterson seeks permission to plant climbing roses on either side of the arch leading into the labyrinth.  Members suggested deer would eat roses, and that clematis was deer resistant.  Kathie offer to donate a white clematis; Ken suggested evergreen clematis and also offered two-foot diameter, three-foot high wire deer cages while it/they got established.  Lynn noted there is still $2400 in the labyrinth fund.




Call Committee:  Ken reported no candidate names have been received from the Synod in the past month.

Lot Committee:  March 9 Affordable Housing Meeting in Coos Bay:  Ken reported the meeting saw presentation of a staff report to the Coos Bay City Council and Planning Commission about how housing and zoning regulations could be updated to make affordable housing easier to construct.  Suggested emphases included cluster housing, smaller lot size, allowing multiple family dwellings in all single-family neighborhoods, and others.

Peggy reported that a builder of Tiny Homes (Derrick Merrifield) had contacted her an hour before the council meeting about coordinating with us and our property.  A few minutes later someone else contacted her about essentially the same thing.  It was clear these people need to be referred to our “lot” committee. 


Richard said our lot committee needs to get active toward figuring out what we are going to do with our new property.  Kristin, Ray, Don, Ken, and Irene were suggested as people who have been on this committee.  Ken offered to get this moving.


Stewardship Committee:  Paul reported they had yet to meet or offer anything for the newsletter.  Pastor Peggy offered to help.


Committees List:  Created about five years ago, this document has again been reviewed and updated, mostly by correcting names and meeting times.  Although this list is itself a Continuing Resolution passed and maintained by the Council, the edits were deemed not to require a new vote.  We discussed getting this list out to new members and others wanting to know what the church does.  Richard reported he had a Tri-fold describing the committees, and that he’d circulate it to all of us for information.




  • Visitation/Phone Calls – planning to return to Evergreen Court and a weekly Bible Study when I’m allowed...but Coos County is still in ‘extreme.” 

  • Confirmation classes after church weekly via Zoom. 4 Students. Affirmation of Baptism to take place May 23. 


  • Regular Weekly Zoom Meetings 

  • Sunday School, worship & “coffee hour” discussion, then confirmation. 

  • Tuesday 1. Text Study with Portland Clergy 
2. Tuesday evening, Synod’s Reckoning with Racism 

  • Wednesday 1. Meeting with Bishop and all Oregon Synod Clergy 
2. Taize’ Service and community meal 
3. Faithful Conversations 

  • Thursday – 1. Synod Interim Pastor’s monthly meeting, 
2. Church Council - monthly 

  • Friday - Women’s Bible Study-Text Study 


  • COVID Updates. 

  • Linda Strine’s family has had tests come back negative. 

  • Penny Holbrook died shortly after being airlifted to OHSU 

  • Becky Bell-Greenstreet’s sister’s family is recovering. 

  • Pastor’s 82-year-old Uncle George, who lives in Texas, was admitted to the 
hospital at 3am yesterday morning with COVID. He will not likely survive. 

  • Pastor has had both vaccines. Angela and Violet have had their first. Many 
members have had at least one.


  • Looking Forward

  • Drive-In/outdoor Easter service 10 am. With two little girls being baptized. Jen and James Tenney, and their girls want to join the church. The girls are: 21 month-old McKenna Grace and 2 month-old Madison Faith.


FEBRUARY COUNCIIL MINUTES APPROVED:  Mailed to all, comments incorporated, forwarded to Violet.


MISCELLANEOUS/GOOD OF THE ORDER:  Volunteers filled 168 Meal-in-a-bags last week in just over an hour.  These are in the church office.  Members can carry 2 or 3 of these in their car to give to people needing food. 


Parking lot use after hours?  Angela reported suspicious behavior by unknown people – a white pickup being visited by other vehicles.  It was suggested to call the city police and ask for advice. 


It was suggested we consider having Council Meetings in the Fellowship Hall, at the currently distanced tables.


Adjourn with the Lord's Prayer at 8:53PM

Next Meeting – April 22nd,

April Devotions – Angela McAlister


Respectfully submitted,




Kenneth E. Denton

Council Secretary

council cards
Linda M