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Church Council

The Gloria Dei Church Council has general oversight of the life and activities of this congregation, and in particular its worship life, to the end that everything be done in accordance with the Word of God and the faith and practice of the ELCA.

The Church Council meets regularly on the 4th Thursday of each month at 6:00 PM in person and via Zoom.


Current Council Member List
Alyssa Augustson   
Richard Whitwer        
Lynn Danner
Ken Denton     
Ian Stevenson            
Calum Stevenson
Jenny Forbes
Paul Halvor
Kathie Hodgin
Kallie Mill
Annette Reher
Linda Mitchell
Kathy Jacobson
Angela McAlister
Susan Paterson


Vice President
Youth Rep.

Gloria Dei Lutheran Church Council Meeting
Thursday, June 24, 2021

The meeting (at the church) was called to order at 6:07pm by President Richard Whitwer after establishing
a quorum.

Present were Council members Angela McAlister, Kathy Jacobson, Ken Denton, Richard Whitwer, Pastor
Peggy, Linda Mitchell, Susan Paterson, Calum Stevenson, Ian Stevenson, Paul Halvor, and Lynn Danner. Also
present was Treasurer Jim Gilbert.
Absent were Kallie Mill, Annette Reher, and Kathie Hodgins
Devotions were offered by Kathie Jacobson.


Handouts: Agenda; Amazon printout for security cameras; Pastor’s report; Treasurer’s report; Proposed
(updated) Building Use Process and all appurtenant documents.
Treasurer’s Report for May 2021 (Jim Gilbert):


1. The regular giving for May was $12,251, compared to $17,692 for average of 2015-2019.

1. The regular giving to date was $77,887, compared to $101,282 for average of 2015-2019.
2. The net Ordinary Income for May was -$11,512, most of this is due to a budgeted insurance
payment of $5325 and the purchase of a laptop for pastors’ use for $1390 which was a donation from a
3. The net Ordinary Income to date was -$13,133, exclusive of the PPP and MajC.
4. The net Total Income for May was -$12,813.
5. The net Total Income to date was -$9176, exclusive of the PPP, MajC and net endowment allocations.
The net amount withdrawn from the PPP and MajC is $13,133 out of $77,060.
6. It helps that regular expenditures are 90.4% of budgeted.


A question was raised about Endowment moneys being in the budget for Kitchen. We decided that was
likely for the approved, but as yet unpurchased, sneeze guard.


Pandemic Issues
Devereux had a theft overnight, from where they’re building their homeless shelters. They lost justinstalled
electrical panels worth about $20,000. This means the Pallet Shelter village they’re building won’t
have electricity until this is fixed or they get generators. It was mentioned that Harmony Methodist Church
has already promised a $1,000 donation to help offset this loss. After discussion, a motion to give Devereux
Center $1,000 from Pastor’s’ discretionary fund (currently $2842) was made by Kathy Jacobson and
seconded by Pastor Peggy. This passed unanimously.
The Pandemic Stage 2 Plan, calling for reopening the sanctuary for worship for up to 75 persons (and other
details) was passed by the Council via email this past month. In person church starts July 4. We need
greeters, people to check vaccination cards, etc. Angela and Richard are signing people up for these jobs.
Council decided it was time to get the live streaming set up in the sanctuary, and to start recruiting
volunteers to run it. Recruitment and training will likely be easier once the equipment is set up. Cost for
zoom cameras and computer were estimated at $1,500. A motion was made by Calum, seconded by Pastor
Peggy, to ask the memorial fund for this money. This passed unanimously.


Old Business/Follow-Up NONE

New Business
Security Cameras – see handout for eight wireless security motion-detection camera system for $419.
There have been security incidents lately. If we could show the police, they’d at least do more patrols. Also,
the motion detection system would alert someone with computer or phone and they can check the pictures
in real time from their home or phone. The system also records with a 3 terabyte memory. Peggy/Angela
say an incident worth calling the police happens about once per month. However, do we WANT a phone
notified if a camper sets up at 0300, or deer are wandering around.? Also, although interconnected
wirelessly, each cameral has to be plugged in, and motion detection doesn’t work through windows, so all
cameras would have to be outside. Idea was tabled for now.
Banner Proposal – Peggy. The conservative pregnancy clinic across the street is anti- abortion. Peggy
suggests a banner to share options and alternative viewpoint. We decided to wait until they are actually up
and running and we meet with them, so we can decide more strategically what message we need or wish to
display, if any. (Note the Pride banner has been vandalized again.)
Church acting as executor for member – Pastor was approached by church member without local family if
the church could be the executor of her will. Synod said no, but a member could be the executor. However,
if church is a benefactor there could be a conflict. Also there is a potential for liability. Council advised she
contact an attorney.


Committee Reports
Call Committee (Ken): No new names have been received, but our Synod contact has recently returned from
a three-week family emergency.
“Lot” Committee (Ken): Committee last met June 16, with Melissa Reed from Synod. She emphasized the
need to listen to the community and the likely customers, then determine the need. We’re also looking for
ideas, and Melissa is setting up a Zoom call next week with Portland churches who are working on similar
projects. We also have a couple of documents to digest - the Coos Bay housing needs study from last fall and
the Discerning Whether Your Faith Community Should Build Affordable Housing Process Guide. Angela added
they’ve cleared the lot of fallen trees and brush now for two days. Richard commented that we’re moving,
but it’ll be a long process. A group from CA is making old St Catherine’s hospital in Coos Bay into Section 8
Building Committee (Richard and others): A Building Use subcommittee (Angela, Lynn, Don, Kathy J., and
Pastor Peggy) was created at our last meeting. They met twice and prepared a proposed Process Guide and
revised building use policies, fees, and other relevant forms. These forms included a letter to users with
fees and expectations, policies and procedures, user agreement and release, and fee worksheet. After a few
edits by the Council, a motion to adopt was made by Kathy J., seconded by Angela, and passed unanimously.
Queers and Allies (Q&A) is a Teen group sponsored by Southern Oregon Coast Pride that meets at our church
on second and third Thursdays. They obtained a grant to start teaching how to cook healthy meals. They
are asking to use our kitchen one evening per month, for a group of six with an adult with food handler’s
card to prepare a meal for the rest of group (currently up to 20). A certified server (see newly adopted
process requirements) would be present, either Angela or Lynn. They have a grant so they can pay the $50
per use fee. Pending completed paperwork, Ken moved, Pastor Peggy seconded, and this use was approved
It was noted that under the newly adopted processes, Q&A will be charged a $7.50 per meeting building use
fee after September 1. Ken and several other members volunteered to pay this fee. (AA already pays such a


Pastor's Report
Pastoral Acts
 I’m beginning to make home visits again, –Noma Hild and Bonnie Hribar’s mother at Ocean Ridge,
Kristine & Mike Huffman, Bob Dehart, Heide Cummings, Lucy Johnson, Joyce Bjorkquist, Kay Hamilton.
Who else do I need to include on my regular list?
 Evergreen Court is still not allowing outsiders in (as of this week).
 I have scheduled the wedding of Skylar Roth Phillips and Kaylee Nelson on Friday, Aug. 13. (The
wedding was originally scheduled at Faith with Pastor Israel officiating.)
Looking Forward
 Beginning July 4, Gloria Dei will open for in-person worship at 10 am. The service will include the
full liturgy and sung hymns. We will allow up to 75 people in attendance. Vaccinated people may
worship and sing without masks. Those unvaccinated must wear masks and sit apart from the rest of
the congregation. Zoom worship will continue.
 God’s Work, Our Hands – Sept. 12.
 I will be on vacation to Connecticut for two weeks at the end of July.
It continues to be both a joy and a privilege to serve this congregation!


Approval of Minutes: May Council meeting minutes were reviewed and approved via email.

Miscellaneous/Good of the Order:
 Next Youth Conference July 2022.
 Ken (Secretary) will miss next meeting – Lynn will do minutes.
 Kathy J. is checking dates for mini-women’s retreat luncheon at the church Nov 6 or 13.
Adjourned with the Lord's Prayer 9:10 pm
Next Meeting – July 22nd; July Devotions – Annette Reher
Submitted by Ken Denton, Secretary

council cards
Linda M
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