Church Council

The Gloria Dei Church Council has general oversight of the life and activities of this congregation, and in particular its worship life, to the end that everything be done in accordance with the Word of God and the faith and practice of the ELCA.

The Church Council meets regularly on the 4th Thursday of each month at 6:00 PM via Zoom. 

Gloria Dei Lutheran Church Council Meeting Minutes

Thursday, March 19, 2020


The meeting was called to order at 6:05 p.m. by President Richard Whitwer and a quorum was established.


Attending:  Boyd Bjorkquist, Paul Halvor, Jim Gilbert, Kathie Hodgin, Annette Reher, Kallie Mill, Kathy Jacobson, Linda Mitchell, Connie Monahan, Jenny Forbes, Richard Whitwer, Pastor Peggy Yingst, and Lynn Danner. 


Devotions:  given by Richard Whitwer; a timely topic based on Scripture on overcoming fear by increasing faith.


Financial Reports

•                   Treasurer's Report for February, 2020

•                   The regular giving for January was $20,493,  which is the  middle of the last five years.  The regular giving to date is the lowest of the previous five years, but only about 2.5% less than average.

•                   The net Ordinary Income for February was $1533.   Total income is high because of the distribution of grants from the endowment committee.

•                   No deposits or withdrawals were made to/from Contingency, leaving a balance of only $5.

•                   No money was transferred from the Maintenance fund to the General fund.

•                   The Treasurer's Report was accepted with no changes.


Approval of Minutes  The January Council meeting minutes were approved as sent by e-mail.


Pastor's Report

•                   Pastor Peggy distributed copies of a congregational phone tree which was developed by Marilyn Halvor.   On this list, Council members each have been assigned several congregants to contact.  Pastor Peggy asked that we try to call a few members each day, just to stay in touch during this time when we can't meet for worship.  She suggested we verify with members that they wish to remain on the contact list.


Committee Reports

•         Building Committee  presented by Boyd

•                   Window shades for the office:  the committee recommended we purchase four Levelor cellular shades @ $74.98 from Lowe's, Roseburg.  Pastor Peggy mentioned that she has installed these shades several times and she highly recommends them.  Jenny generously offered to fund this purchase; Angela had agreed to pick up the shades from Roseburg.  Richard moved that we authorize the purchase and he expressed our gratitude to Jenny; Kathie J. seconded the motion.   The motion was passed.

•                   Since the services and regular meetings are suspended for a period, it is an ideal time for Angela to strip and reseal the tile floor in the Narthex.  She plans to check if we still have stripper and sealant on hand then she will acquire what is needed to do the job.

•                   Other projects have been tabled.


New Business

•                   Care and Connection with Congregants and Friends

•                   Council members will use Marilyn Halvor's phone list to regularly phone congregants.

•         The office is sending weekly newsletters via e-mail, updating the list of recipients as notified.

•         A couple members have offered to shop for shut-ins.

•         Pastor Peggy signed us up for “Zoom” live streaming of virtual worship services to begin Sunday, March 22.   (She distributed copies of a publication from ELCA, “How to stream your worship service---a starter guide”).    Becky will play; Doris will lead the singing;  Pastor will preach and lead the worship; Jim will set up the filming devices.   Pastor will send e-mails to congegants with instructions and a link for accessing the service.  She also will try to find out how others who don't have computers may use their phone.

•         Connie Monahan reported that she regularly puts the Lenten devotions and sermons on our church website.

•         Kallie will work on a Face Book virtual worship service and “coffee hour group”.


•         Worship and meetings suspended

•         We recently received a letter from The Oregon Synod Disaster Response Team directing us to

“suspend all in-person worship services and group activities for the next 4-8 weeks or until we hear otherwise” due to the current COV19  health emergency.    

•         Pastor said this suspension will continue at least through Palm Sunday, April 5, and most likely beyond that date.  She reminded us that Easter can be celebrated anytime...whenever we return to regular services. 

•         Copies of “Congregational Planning Checklist for Public Health Concerns”, received from Lutheran Disaster Response, ELCA, were distributed  for our ongoing consideration.


•         Financial Ramifications

•         Concerns were expressed that, although we won't be having our regular worship services,

 we  still need the regular financial support of our members.  Pastor Peggy said she will send out a letter requesting members/friends to bring in or mail in their regular donations.  Also, the weekly e-mails will provide information on signing up for “Simply Giving”.


•         Staffing Issues

•         We held a discussion about the changes in duties required by staff during this period of suspended services and activities.  Kamara and Diane won't be needed for nursery duties; Dave won't be needed for choir; Becky won't be needed for piano accompaniment; Angela and Annie's  janitorial duties will be greatly reduced.  We will still require Violet full time in the office.

•         Paul H. moved, Kallie seconded, that we maintain our staff at their currrent hours and pay, to be revisited at our next monthly meeting.  The motion passed.

•         Boyd moved, Kathie H. seconded, that the Council's expectation is that staff members whose regular duties have been temporarily suspended will strive to perform other duties to benefit the church.  (For example, deep cleaning projects, organizing/storing materials, etc.)  The motion was passed.


Miscellaneous/Good of the Order

•         We discussed the need to reform the Stewardship Committee.

•         We plan to send out a letter early in April regarding our financial status.


The meeting adjourned with the Lord's Prayer at 7:10 p.m.

Next Meeting:  April 23, 2020

April Devotions:  Lynn Danner


Faithfully submitted,

Lynn Danner, Council Secretary

1290 Thompson Road

Coos Bay, OR 97420

(541) 267-2347

office.gloriadeifamily@g mail.com

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