Church Council

The Gloria Dei Church Council has general oversight of the life and activities of this congregation, and in particular its worship life, to the end that everything be done in accordance with the Word of God and the faith and practice of the ELCA.

The Church Council meets regularly on the 4th Thursday of each month at 6:00 PM via Zoom. 

Current Council Member List

Pastor Peggy Yingst   

Richard Whitwer        

Boyd Bjorkquist

Lynn Danner          

Ian Stevenson            

Curtis Buell

Jenny Forbes

Paul Halvor

Kathie Hodgin

Kallie Mill

Annette Reher

Keith Selanoff

Linda Mitchell

Kathy Jacobson

Kelly Northcutt



Vice President


Youth Rep.

Gloria Dei Lutheran Church Council Meeting

Thursday, July 23, 2020


The meeting  (via “Zoom”) was called to order at 6:06 p.m. by President Richard Whitwer without establishing a quorum.


Attending:  Kallie Mill, Boyd Bjorkquist, Paul Halvor,  Kathy Jacobson,  Richard Whitwer, Pastor Peggy Yingst, and Lynn Danner.  (Also, non-voting attendees , Nancy Layne, and Jim Gilbert , Treasurer ).


Devotions:  given by Pastor Peggy


Financial Reports

•                   Treasurer's Report for June  2020

•                   The regular giving for June  was $13,559, the lowest in the last five years.  The regular giving to date                         was $109,810, the next to lowest  in the last five years.

•                   The net Ordinary Income for June was -$5,004.  The net Ordinary income to date  was -$6,067.

•                   The net Total Income for June was -$4,326.

•                   The net Total Income to date was $36,343, largely driven by the PPA , assuming that it will be forgiven.

•                    No withdrawals were made from the Contingency Fund.

•                    No money was transferred from the Maintenance fund to the General fund.

•                   The PPP is covering for the loss in net ordinary income, so the initial $36,100 has been reduced to                               $30,033, this means that the PPP can cover about six more months if the income and spending are                              similar to June.


The Treasurer's Report was accepted with no changes.


Approval of Minutes  The June Council meeting minutes were approved as sent by email.


Pastor's Report

•            Pastor Peggy reported many pastoral acts:  numerous visitation/phone calls,  and working with staff of Faith Lutheran Church,                          North Bend.

•            She participated in regular weekly Zoom meetings:  Sunday worship, Tuesday text study with Portland clergy, Wednesday                                    meeting with the Bishop and all Oregon Synod clergy, the Friday morning Women's Bible/text study, and the Transition Team.

•            She recommended that we should keep the building closed at least through August 31, as new COVID 19 cases begin to spike.                            (Coos County cases are increasing exponentially).

•            She is hoping to finish the new pictorial directory and requests that everyone please send her new photos.                                                              (pastorpeggy@hotmail.com)

•             Ideas to consider:  designating Stewardship Sunday; purchasing rugs under hand sanitizer stations; purchasing a dolly for use                           moving heavy items.


Committee Reports (most committees are not meeting)

•        Building and Grounds  – Boyd

The committee members walked the donated property and discovered quite a bit of debris at the site of two encampments.  He recommended we rent a 30 yard dumpster and plan a church wide clean-up day .  The cost would be about $800 and it would entail a large

crew of workers to clean up the area.  Following discussion, it was decided, since we didn't have a quorum at the meeting to vote on the matter, Richard will send out a motion to authorize the rental of a dumpster and to give the squatters  notice of our intent.  Kallie suggested we plan an outdoor cook-out/lunch for the work party.


Transition (Call Process) Update   Pastor Peggy

Attendance at the Sunday morning discussions has been low, but the committee has been gathering valuable input to help in filling out the Ministry Site Profile.


Reopening the Building Discussion Update   Richard

            We will continue to keep the building closed at least through the month of August, following Oregon Synod guidelines.

            It was suggested we perhaps plan once- a- month services at a park, the beach, etc.  Members of our Reopening Task Force  (Kathie Hodgin, Richard Whitwer, Lynn Danner , Ray Nelsen, Angela McAlister, and Pastor Peggy) will meet with the Worship and Music Committee to discuss this at their next scheduled Zoom meeting, Thursday, August 6 at noon.


Old Business


•        Locking Mailbox:  was ordered (costing $107) and is scheduled to arrive tomorrow.

•        Paper Towel Holders:  ordered July 8th (5 @ $$30.77 = $153.85) but they are on back order.

•        Self-Closing Screens for Pastor's office and Kitchen door:  have been ordered.

•        Sanitizing Fogger:  ordered and scheduled to arrive early in October (paid a 50% deposit of $400).

•        Boyd will be talking to the painting company tomorrow.

•        Free-standing hand sanitizers were not approved for order.

         Outward messaging of the church

•        Pride flag update:  a new flag has arrived; Don Blom is ready to install the pole whenever we decide upon the best location.

•        Sanctuary banners of welcome:  Richard will be talking with Cathy Denton about designing special large banners, two to hang on each side of the cross above the  altar.

New Business

   Council Member Resignation  We regretfully accept the resignation of Connie Monahan.  Lynn suggested we ask Angela McAlister, who had been a nominee, to fill the vacancy.  Richard reminded us that it would be permissible according to our bylaws to have an employee on Council.  We will discuss the matter when we have a quorum.

   Community Thanksgiving Day Dinner  Nancy Layne requested that the Council approve of Gloria Dei hosting.  She said the meal could be for pick-up or delivery only, if the building is still closed for dining in due to the pandemic.  We will discuss this when we have a quorum.

  Saturday Community Meal  Nancy reported that after August, the Elks Club will no longer be cooking and serving meals on the 5th Saturdays.  They say the only people coming for lunch are the campers at the Methodist church site; the program no longer serves its original purpose of providing a nourishing meal and socialization for needy individuals and families.  Nancy asks if Gloria Dei would consider hosting the monthly meals, assuming that clients who used to come regularly would return, even if for take-out meals only.  Nancy will talk with the other churches that provide Saturday meals (Faith Lutheran, Harmony Methodist, and Holy Redeemer Catholic) to see if they are in agreement.  The Council will then discuss the matter.

        I phone microphone  Kallie moved that we purchase a microphone which she needs for recording   the Sunday services for Facebook live stream.  Pastor seconded the motion; the motion          passed.  Pastor will place the order.

Miscellaneous/Good of the Order

•        Keith S. announced that he will be taking the exam for his national boards Saturday...we will be remembering him in prayer.

•        Tabled for discussion next month:  young adult participation in committees and activities, brochures for weddings/baptisms/funerals; decision regarding Community Thanksgiving;  decision regarding vacancy position on the Council.


The meeting adjourned with the Lord's Prayer at 8:28 p.m.


Next Meeting:  August 27th,  2020

August Devotions:  Keith S.


Faithfully submitted,

Lynn Danner, Council Secretary

Linda M

1290 Thompson Road

Coos Bay, OR 97420

(541) 267-2347

office.gloriadeifamily@g mail.com

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