Church Council

The Gloria Dei Church Council has general oversight of the life and activities of this congregation, and in particular its worship life, to the end that everything be done in accordance with the Word of God and the faith and practice of the ELCA.

The Church Council meets regularly on the 4th Thursday of each month at 6:00 PM via Zoom. 

Current Council Member List

Pastor Peggy Yingst   

Richard Whitwer        

Boyd Bjorkquist

Lynn Danner          

Ian Stevenson            

Curtis Buell

Jenny Forbes

Paul Halvor

Kathie Hodgin

Kallie Mill

Annette Reher

Keith Selanoff

Linda Mitchell

Kathy Jacobson

Angela McAlister



Vice President


Youth Rep.

Gloria Dei Lutheran Church Council Meeting

Thursday, October  22, 2020


The meeting  (via “Zoom”) was called to order at 6:04 p.m. by President Richard Whitwer after establishing a quorum.


Attending:  Paul Halvor,  Angela McAlister, Curtis Buell, Kathy Jacobson,  Kathie Hodgins, Linda Mitchell, Annette Reher, Richard Whitwer, Pastor Peggy Yingst, and Lynn Danner.  (Also, non-voting attendees, Kristin Hovenkotter-Greco, Sarah Reher, and Jim Gilbert, Treasurer).

Absent:  Jenny Forbes, Boyd Bjorkquist, Keith Selanoff, Ian Stevenson and Kallie Mill.


Devotions:  given by Pastor Peggy.


Financial Reports

Treasurer's Report for September 2020

  • The regular giving for September  was $13,688 compared to $18,671 five year average.

  •  The regular giving to date was $154,396, compared to $177,433 five-year average.

  • The net Ordinary Income for September  was -$3,040. 

  • The net Ordinary income to date  was -$14,959.

  • The net Total Income for September was -$2,397.

  • The net Total Income to date was $23,374, largely driven by the PPA loan , assuming that it will be forgiven.

  • No withdrawals were made from the Contingency Fund.

  • No money was transferred from the Maintenance fund to the General Fund.

  • We used the PPP to pay salaries in the late spring and early summer, allowing us to build up funds to cover later salaries.  The initial $36,100 saved has been reduced to $21,141; this means that we can cover four more months if the income and spending are similar to June and August, our worst months so far during the shutdown.

  • As September is the last month of the quarter, I have included the full Revenue and Expense statement instead of the abridged one.  This report also includes Portico's estimate for insurance for the office manager.


  • The Treasurer's Report for September was accepted with no changes.


                Pastor and Staff Insurance

  • Following a discussion regarding insurance for Violet, our full time office manager, Angela moved that we change the wording of the Personnel Policy to state that we will provide  a minimum of 50% of the insurance cost, not to exceed $500/month; Curtis seconded the motion; the motion passed unanimously.  This will be an expense to be included in the budget for the new year.

  • Curtis moved that the Finance Committee continue the insurance plan requested by Pastor Peggy.

                       Pastor Peggy seconded the motion; the motion passed unanimously.


Office ComputerJ

  • Jim Gilbert brought in a back-up power supply, which should correct the problem of blowing a fuse when the copier and other equipment run simultaneously.  He recommended a back-up program, whereby the back-up disk would be taken off site.  He also recommended we clean out unnecessary things from the office computer.  He also researched information on new, faster computers to replace our computer; the one he recommends would cost about $1,100.  Paul said he would check with the Memorial Fund Committee to see about funding that expense.

  • Pastor Peggy  moved and Angela seconded the motion that we purchase a heavy duty hand truck for up to $100 as this will be needed to move the heavy file cabinets in order to access electrical plugs for the computer.  The motion passed unanimously.


Minutes of the September 2020 Church Council meeting were approved as read and edited by email.


Pastor's Report

  • She celebrated  allowing 2 parishioners access to in-person worship per week and the well-received outdoor worship on September 20.

  • She looks forward to celebrating Reformation Sunday, October 25; the Drive-In, or Parking Lot service (in addition to Zoom) with communion, on November 1; and a Drive-In Christmas Eve service, perhaps.

  • She is hoping to finish the new pictorial directory and requests that everyone please send her NEW  photos.  (pastorpeggy@hotmail.com)

  • She reported that all flags (American, Luther Rose and Pride) have arrived and are waiting for the flagpole to be installed.  Also, the new Reconciling in Christ banner has arrived.

  • Ideas to consider:   Creating a list of people who have keys to the building, and which type key; continued calling members of the congregation using the new phone tree.


Pandemic Issues

  • Drive-In Service, November 1st   Pastor reported that people wishing to attend will call to reserve a spot.  Angela and others will help direct traffic and hand out communion wafers and wine/juice.  Curtis Buell and Doris Smith researched information and acquired a radio FM transmitter to hook up to the church's sound system and carry up to 300 meters.  Worshipers will tune to the proper station on their car radio to hear the service.  Pastor and the song leaders will conduct the service outside the church office (with the computer to transmit the Zoom service).  If this is successful, Pastor thought we may consider doing this twice a month.

  • Staff Safety    A sign has been posted on the church doors telling people they must call the church office before entering.  Pastor reported that people have generally been good about doing this.


Committee Reports (most committees are not meeting)


Building and Grounds  – Boyd (e-mail report), Angela and Pastor Peggy

  • Exterior painting of the South wall has been completed.

  • Blinds in the fellowship hall:  they have arrived and installation will be scheduled.

  • Pastor Peggy ordered solar lights to be installed outside the pastor's office door.  Annette suggested, if these lights aren't satisfactory, we may consider installing dawn-to-dusk lights for that location, as well as outside the kitchen entrance.

  • Custodial closet:  the key has been changed to this closet, to limit access and secure the contents.

  • Clearing/logging of the donated property is moving forward.  Don has met with Ray Button about selective logging and clearing of the property.  A committee of church members will walk the site to determine what trees to log and which ones to save.  The profit from the trees will be split 50/50.  Logger gets profit from wood that is sent for chips.  Church will pay for removal of additional brush and slash.  We can cut wood for firewood ministry.  Don will check on timber tax cost and payment.

  • Dying  Alders near the labyrinth will be taken down next week then concrete can be poured for the installation of the flag pole.


Old Business

Young Adult Participation      Sarah Reher and Kristin Hoffencotter-Greco joined us in a discussion to brainstorm ideas for addressing the need of doing more with and for our young adults.  We came up with the following suggestions:

  • Pastor requests Council members read For All Who Hunger by Emily Scott, which offers insights into making church more accessible to young adults.

  • Kristin and Curtis mentioned how they had been enthused about participating in monthly Table Talk sessions with Intern Alyssa Weber; Pastor Peggy offered to initiate plans for such a group.

  • Richard will contact committee leaders and encourage them to  actively invite young adults and to consider being  flexible in their meeting times and days so as to be more inclusive of young adult participation.

  • After this period of pandemic issues, we should promote inter-generational activities such as movie nights, game nights, etc.; we can arrange transportation for those who can't drive at night.


Community Thanksgiving Meal    Since Gloria Dei and other churches are shut down, plans are    underway to provide take-out meals for up to 500 people from the North Bend Community Center.       The Health Department has approved the plan; the SWOCC Culinary Arts students will prepare the         turkey and gravy; churches that have participated in the past will be asked to make their usual              contribution to the meal.  Angela moved and Curtis seconded the motion that we agree that Gloria Dei

                prepare the mashed potatoes for the community Thanksgiving Day Meal.  The motion pass            unanimously.


New Business   A letter expressing concerns was received from a member.  It was discussed and acknowledged.



The meeting was adjourned with the Lord's Prayer at 8:14 p.m.


Next Meeting:  November 19,  2020

November Devotions:   Kathy Jacobson


Faithfully submitted,

Lynn Danner, Council Secretary

council cards
Linda M

1290 Thompson Road

Coos Bay, OR 97420

(541) 267-2347

office.gloriadeifamily@g mail.com

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