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GDL yearly "peeling of the potatoes" for the Community Thanksgiving meal.  

Becoming a Member

You can become a member of Gloria Dei Lutheran Church in three ways: Through baptism, affirmation of baptism, or by Lutheran transfer.  The Pastor offers new member classes about twice a year. We teach the basics of the Lutheran Christian Faith. You can join with or without the classes, however, they do offer a chance for you to get to know others and our leaders as you join our fellowship. If you are interested in joining, please indicate that on a welcome card in the pews or let Pastor know of your interest. 

Over a few meetings, the GDL New Member Class will cover this church, the ELCA, and engage in a discussion about what Lutherans believe. If you would like to join the group, please let the church office know. And, if you’re already a member but would like a refresher course, you’re welcome to join the class. 

Our wonderful GDL chorus, directed by David Aakre

GDL Zoom worship services in progress.    

GDL Church Children's Sunday School and Summer Vacation Bible school.  

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