"The task now is not

'to find a new normal.'”

A poem by Victoria Safford


Nothing is normal when this many people are dying, have died, leaving how many mourners, and how many more?


Nothing is normal in this sickness and this sadness, nor can be normal, nor ever should.

Nothing is normal - even though it's the norm-when death comes first for the poor.


There is nothing normal in the miracle of budding trees and greening land - every year we're taken by surprise, a little shocked, and laughing.


Nothing normal in the gift of breath, the gift of bread, or kindness - we are saved, and saved again, every hour of the day.


The task is not to normalize,

but consecrate.


Place your sorrow on the altar of the day,

Place wonder, joy, compassion, thanks,

all the holy scraps of hope you're hoarding, but could share.


Place your tension there, and all the terrors of the night, and new resolve to help to mend your corner of a tattered world.


Normalize nothing.

But consecrate. "

Holy Trinity Sunday –

The First Sunday after Pentecost - A


June 7, 2020 ● Online Church at 10:00 a.m.

Although our building is empty, so is the tomb!

God’s time is not our calendar time – Every Sunday is a mini-celebration of Easter!


Gloria Dei Lutheran Church

Coos Bay, Oregon   ●  541 267-2347

“Gathered in Christ, we are called to bring light to our community.”

office.gloriadeifamily@gmail.com  ●   www.gloriadeifamilyorg  ●   pastorpeggy@hotmail.com


Reconciling in Christ Welcoming Statement

We welcome everyone into all aspects of congregational life and leadership:  All gender and sexual expressions and identities, all ages, all race and ethnicities, all economic and marital situations, all physical and mental abilities.  We come as we are.





Ways to keep “being the Church,”

even when we can’t be in the church building. 

Worship tools available-

  • Pray often, the power of prayer is great. Pray for your church family.  And send notes.  Make phone calls. All the things that we do for shut-ins, do for each other now that we are all shut-ins, so to speak. We are one body, even when that body is not together in the flesh.

  • Live-steamed Sunday Worship Service- Obtaining the "Zoom link" from from Pastor Pegg Yingst's emails or call the office 541-267-2347, to join weekly Sunday Worship live steamed services,  10am every Sunday.   All are welcome.  Zoom allows comments that can be shared in actual time, as well as voice/picture for those of us to chat together, as well.

  • Worship Service Sermons are downloaded weekly on this web-site  for you to read- click the Join us tab above.

  • Daily Lenton Prayer- Read today's Lentonal prayer and messages through Easter. They are downloaded on this website daily.  See today's devotional to the left.

  • Daily Updates and messages as received from council and pastor Peggy Yengst- Check the Join Us tab on this website for more information, click the "Updates on GDL Church during COVID-19" tab.

  • Gloria Dei Weekly Letter will be attached to the Practice Sabbath. For some, this shutdown of life as we know it is going to cause significant economic hardship. In the spirit of #1, care for your neighbor as best as you can.

  • If you have immediate prayer concerns or pastoral needs, please call Pastor Peggy. (802) 579-1948.  Be safe. Be strong. Be well.

  • Need help picking up things locally? These generous people have offered to help! Barbara Stephenson works at Fred Meyer, Coos Bay (GDL office) 541-267-2347Jenny Forbes is in Coquille (541) 297-5481 ● Violet Ahlstrom also is in Coquille (GDL office) 541-267-2347

  • Call Gloria Dei office with any questions or concerns.  GDL Office open M-F 9-5.  Office 541-267-2347


1290 Thompson Road

Coos Bay, OR 97420

(541) 267-2347

office.gloriadeifamily@g mail.com

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